About Us

Murray Reed.png

Murray Reed - CEO

  • Over 25 years in commercial photonics development
  • Stanford PhD in Applied Physics
Xiao Ai.png

Xiao Ai - CTO

  • Expert in lidar and quantum sensors, QTEC fellow
  • University of Bristol PhD in EE
John Rarity.png

John Rarity - CSO

  • World renowned expert in quantum optics, FRS
  • University of Bristol Professor

Yuri Andersson - Chairman

  • Over 20 years in start-ups, research and corporations
  • London Business School Exec MBA

George Harrison - Engineer

  • Electronics design and test
  • University of Plymouth BSc
James Titchener.png

James Titchener - Engineer

  • Quantum optics and software expert, QTEC fellow
  • ANU PhD in Physics
Dominic Keen.png

Dominic Keen - Investor Director

  • Founder and CEO of BritBots Seed Fund
  • Cambridge University MEng

Pete Stirling - Business Dev.

  • CEO STL Technology, 10 years leading Stirling Dynamics
  • University of Plymouth MSc