Quantum Optical Gas Sensors

Sensors that make invisible gas leaks unmissable

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Tuneable Diode Lidar


QLM is developing compact, high-sensitivity, low-power Tuneable Diode Lidar (TDLidar) gas detection and imaging systems based on infrared single-photon detection to meet the needs of natural gas producers, distributors and service providers for fast, accurate and low-cost gas leak identification.

TDLidar Capabilities

  • Long-range, high-sensitivity, high-speed quantitative imaging of gas plume shape and concentration
  • Precise mapping of gas leak locations and flow rates
  • Fixed, mobile, drone and handheld options
  • Solar or battery power options


Latest Results

This is a demonstration of QLM's sensor in operation. The sensor system uses a 10mW eye-safe telecom laser to enable simultaneous laser range finding and quantitative methane detection. Measurements are capable at ranges of over 100 meters.

In this video, each data point represents a single measurement of the range and methane concentration, with a data acquisition rate of 100 points per second. The target is a balloon filled with 2.3% methane which is positioned at a range of ~100 meters.

See the leaks in your profit



Small Molecule Sensing

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And Many more…


Our technology can detect a range of small molecules.

Get in touch to find out more about the extensive capacity of our quantum optical gas sensors.



QLM is working with established oil and gas supply and service companies to deliver new methods to monitor gas production and distribution assets for fugitive greenhouse gas emissions. Our product capabilities include long-range fixed mounted imagers and short-range handheld scanners. Calibrated customer field trials are done in partnership with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

QLM’s miniaturised sensor system can be mounted onto a UAV to achieve high-speed sensing and a large survey coverage area for LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair).

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About Us

Murray Reed.png

Murray Reed - CEO

  • Over 25 years in commercial photonics development
  • Stanford PhD in Applied Physics
Xiao Ai.png

Xiao Ai - CTO

  • Expert in lidar and quantum sensors, QTEC fellow
  • University of Bristol PhD in EE
John Rarity.png

John Rarity - CSO

  • World renowned expert in quantum optics, FRS
  • University of Bristol Professor

Yuri Andersson - Chairman

  • Over 20 years in start-ups, research and corporations
  • London Business School Exec MBA

George Harrison - Engineer

  • Electronics design and test
  • University of Plymouth BSc
James Titchener.png

James Titchener - Engineer

  • Quantum optics and software expert, QTEC fellow
  • ANU PhD in Physics
Dominic Keen.png

Dominic Keen - Investor Director

  • Founder and CEO of BritBots Seed Fund
  • Cambridge University MEng

Pete Stirling - Business Dev.

  • CEO STL Technology, 10 years leading Stirling Dynamics
  • University of Plymouth MSc



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